Taverners Sweets

Taverners Sweets

If you love Sharps Bonbons, Pascalls Kola Kubes and many other retro sweet favourites, you'll now need to look out for Taverners sweets... because brands like Sharps and Pascalls have very sadly disappeared, to be replaced by the Taverners sweets umbrella brand.

Why did they change? We haven't a clue. But fortunately the sweets taste as good as they always did.

So if you love the old favourites like Taveners Sherbet Lemons, Taveners Sweet Peanuts, Taveners Liquorice Comfits, Taveners Black and White Mints, Taveners Liquorice Cuttings, Taveners Coconut Mushrooms, Taveners Pontefract Cakes, Taveners Strawberry Bonbons, Taveners Toffee Bonbons, Kola Kubes - Taveners, , then you're in luck... because we stock them all!

Just have a look below at these delicious Taverners sweets...

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