Space Dust - Cherry

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Space Dust - Cherry

Cherry Fizz Wiz - everyone remembers Space Dust don`t they? 

Some called it Moon Rocks or Moon Dust, others Popping Candy... but the recipe was still the same: put a little of it in your mouth... and feel your tongue tingle with all of the crackles that followed (knocks the snap, crackle and pop of Rice Crispies into a cocked hat!). 

Or put a load in... and feel your mouth explode!  Excellent!

This particular version is cherry flavour... for your delight and delectation!

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  • Gelatine FreeGelatine Free
  • Sugar FreeGluten Free
  • No artificial coloursNo artificial colours

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Nutritional Information

  • Sugar, Lactose, Glucose Syrup . Flavours: Carbon Dioxide,

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