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Vimto Sweets

Vimto SweetsDo you know who created Vimto?  Well apparently, according to Wikipedia, the original recipe was created by Noel Nichols... and he grew up in the Lancashire town of Blackburn (which is where AQuarterOf is based).

It was originally called Vim Tonic (Mr Nichols had spotted an opportunity for selling a new soft drink as a result of the rise of the Temperance movement) and this was subsequently shortened to the name that we all know and love: Vimto.

What gives Vimto its unique flavour?  The soft drink contains the juice of grapes, blackcurrants and raspberries and is flavoured with spices and herbs (no doubt the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret... it always seems to be!)

Do you love the traditional fruity flavour of Vimto?  Then you're sure to love Vimto Bars and Vimto Lollies.
Vimto Bars

Vimto Bars

Vimto Bars - grape, blackcurrant and raspberry flavour bar with real fruit juices. ....

Vimto Lollies

Vimto Lollies

Vimto Lollies - all the fruity taste of Vimto - in a lolly!....

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