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Candy canes... I know they're a bit American (and generally we're 100% Biritish sweets on feeling slightly queasy at the mere mention of the word 'candy' when 'sweets' is so much more nostalgic... and retro... and just plain better...

I digress...

These are just fab... they look brilliant on your Christmas Tree, are easy to hang on the tree (no fiddling around with threading bits of cotton into loops)... and they taste really good...

And, to make them even better still, they don't cost you a bean (not even one of those Jack and the Beanstalk "magic beans' - silly Jack!) because we're giving you a box of 12 canes free when you order £25+ of sweets at the moment.

Oh no you're not...

OH YES WE ARE!!!!! (I have the panto spirit... can you tell???)
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