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Classic Pick n Mix Sweets

Classic Pick n Mix Sweets (aka Pick and Mix, or Penny Sweets)!

Who can forget standing in your local sweetshop or Woolies... plastic scoop in hand... wondering which of the colourful sweets to add to our paper bag? 

Now they've been replaced by the fab, "over 500 retro sweets to choose from" pick and mix sweets of our online sweetshop - it's really just one huge pick 'n mix counter! I wonder who coined the term pick and mix - or pick n mix as it became known?

Probably the most exciting part of our childhood sweetshop was the penny sweets (that's what I think of whever someone mentions the term "pick n mix") section.  I use that term loosely because back in the early 1970's it was more accurately the halfpenny or ha'penny sweets section, because you could frequently buy 2 of your favourites (or even more) in return for your big shiny penny,  Mind you that was back in the days of predecimilisation prior to 1971, so some of the treats were only a farthing each in old money.

So in many ways "penny sweets" has always been a relative term. There are so many to choose from: Fruit Salad, Barratts Shrimps, Pint Pots, Double Lollies, Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles, Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum, Drumsticks - Original (Raspberry and Milk), Space Dust - Strawberry, Vampire Teeth, Rainbow Drops, Love Hearts, Milk Teeth, the list goes on and on!  It was always such a tough decision to work out which of multi-coloured, traditional confectionery favourites would find their way into your little white paper bag.  

Feast your eyes on our range of old-fashioned penny mix sweets.  If they still make them, we stock them... and you can enjoy them again.  Can you feel your mouth watering?  You can't resist trying a few again, can you?

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