Chokle - April Fools Day Joke

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Chokle - April Fools Day Joke

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£3.17 for 1 bar of 97.5g (100g of chocolate, -2.5g of helium)

Ex Tax: £2.64

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    Here's what we said...

    Chocolate with air bubbles in it is THE winning combo... At least it was. Today we can announce a new chocolate bar which is even more fun!!!

    It's one of those ideas that's so simple you can't believed it hasn't been done before... think Aero, but where the bubbles aren't filled with air but instead with highly concentrated helium gas.

    Why helium? Because, as those of you who have sucked the gas out of a helium filled balloon will know, it makes your voice go all high pitched and squeaky. It's hilarious!

    Chocolate + Helium = Chokle - The Best, Funniest Chocolate Bar Ever! So it's a chocolate bar that tastes great, makes you squeak and makes everyone else laugh... pure genius!

    Take a small bite and your voice goes up a little, eat a whole bar in a single mouthful and you approach your maximum Mickey Mouse squeakiness! Told you it was simple... but you have to agree it's utterly brilliant! Just think of the fun you can have.

    It's something we've been working on getting for at least 18 months. Something that we first saw at ISM, the massive confectionery trade fair held in Cologne in January every year.

    Back in 2007 we visited ISM and found a small stand in the 'Sweets From Japan' section (they split the trade fair into countries, and the Japanese section was teeny, tiny... dwarfed by the neighbouring behemoth of 'Sweets From China'). Anyway we got chatting to the man on the stand (I think his stand had been pretty quiet because once he started talking we couldn't stop him!) and he did the usual of listing his wares. A right strange and varied collection they were too! Most sounded very unappetising (different countries clearly have very differing tastes in confectionery!), but then he mentioned one sweet, that his company was developing, which we knew we just had to have.

    Apparently the sweet was invented accidentally (as most of the best things seem to be) in the labs of Processor Hai Avoicokawa, Head of Gas Dynamics Engineering at the University of Osaka (impressive eh?)

    Chokle Will Disappear Very Quickly!
    Quantities will be limited to start with. The sweets are being shipped to us direct from Japan so the initial shipment is quite small, and so we'll most likely have to limit sales to a couple of bars at a time initially. And even then we expect them to sell out on a week or two at the most. Plus the initial batches will all have Japanese branding on them... we wanted to get them in asap instead of waiting for the English wrappings to be produced. Once we can gauge demand we'll start ordering in larger quantities, with English language wrappers and all restrictions will be lifted.

    Save On Postage!
    Oh, while I remember, there's one additional big benefit of having chocolate bars filled with helium. Because helium is lighter than air, it means that a bar containing 100g of chocolate only actually weighs 97.5g... so it is cheaper to post than a normal chocolate bar too! It just doesn't get better than this!!! (We did ask the manufacturer if he could make a bar with less chocolate and more helium, so that you actually lost weight when you ate each bar. He's a grumpy man and he didn't seem to get the joke!)

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