1950s SweetsA Quarter Of isn’t just about selling sweets… it’s just as much about sending you on a trip down memory lane.  So, if you’re a child of the 50s, feast your eyes on these fab pages, filled to the brim with people’s reminiscences – ranging from sweets, to food, to toys and games.  It’ll really take you back to the good old days!

Just click on each of the sections below to reminisce to your heart's content!!!

1950s Sweets
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1950s Schooldays

We're trying to create an ever-growing record of 50s reminiscences, so we need YOUR HELP! We would love you to contribute any of your memories from 1950s British life - it could be related to anything at all: your favourite comic, your (measly, if any) pocket money or weekly treat, your family Sunday lunch... anything at all that has stuck in your memory all this time. Even better, we'd love to see any old pictures you may have. This is going to be a pretty fab historical document - you'll go down in history by contributing!

How to contribute! Simply email our in-house history anorak Sol on: sol@aquarterof.co.uk

All quotations in the above section were taken from a fab book by publishers Michael O’Mara, ‘The 50s & 60s – The Best Of Times’.  Our pals there gave us kind permission to use this fantastic material.  If you want to read more (it’s a cracking good read!), you can learn more at www.mombooks.com.

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