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You'll find all types of UK penny sweets here, from liquorice to space dust, lollies to flying saucers, boiled sweets to Parma Violets, Haribo sweets too... we've even got sweet tobacco!

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Plus we have some classics that are made exclusively for us - the old-fashioned sweets that you can remember from the sweet shop of your childhood, and many vintage sweets that you've probably forgotten (and those will really bring the memories flooding back, just you see).

We sell most of our fab retro sweets in 250g bags... that's over half a pound in old money, so there's plenty for you to enjoy!

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Your Childhood Heroes, Numbers 4 To 2 - Here's Johnny!
We're really getting to the sharp end of our poll to find the most nostalgic person off our childhood television. And now we're into the really heavy hitters. In fact in our comments all of these people have been predicted to be the top of the Pops and, although they came really close, they didn't quite make it. Next on our list is... #4 Johnny Morris If David Attenborough is synonymous with wildlife on television in the 21st-century surely Johnny Morris held that mantle when we were young. Who can forget his bringing all creatures great and small to life with his creations o..
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3 Heroes of Your Childhood Television
Hold onto your hats... here come the next 3 in our top 10 list of the people off the telly who made your childhood extra special...   #7... Noel Edmonds Talk about Mr Saturday Morning when I was young... As I mentioned before I wasn't one of those who watched Tiswas... I was a dyed in the wool Swap Shop (or to give it its full name, the Multi Coloured Swap Shop) fan.  Incidentally it's noticeable that Mike Read from Saturday Superstore - which always felt too much like a watered down, wannabee, me-too version of Swap Shop to me (although I used to like Trevor and "we don't do..
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Poll Results #10-#8 - 3 Giants of Nostalgic Children's Television
Hold onto your hats!  Here's the next instalment of the best people on the telly, ever!

We're in the top 10 now... so each of these names are well and truly in the nostalgic television Hall of Fame.  And certainly 2 of the names below have been mentioned in the comments on my last blog post.  

And so, without further ado I give you...
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Poll Results - Childhood TV Heroes - #20-#11

The results are in... and they've been carefully counted.

So finally I can share with you the results of our poll to find the brilliantest (I know it's not a word really, but it just feels fitting here), most nostalgic person on British children's television EVER!

Some of the of the scores were very close... but the winner came top by a fair way.

And the winner is...

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